About Us

Ground Rules coffee has been established from the ground up to create an inclusive community based around education without the exclusivity that shuns those who want to expand their knowledge. There is more culture to this amazing industry than cupping scores, social media posts of alleyway murals or pretty pictures of latte art. 

With the mission of bringing back the art of blending to provide a true, balanced symphony of flavours and doing it with passion. We are here to ruffle some feathers and help put the specialty coffee industry back on track. 


Our blends are complemented by an ever changing, seasonal range of single origin coffees from every corner of the globe, with a high emphasis on quality and complexity. Expect to see upcoming experimental blends to keep your mind engaged and taste buds swinging from your tonsils. 


As for our single origins, expect a selection of naturals and limited release micro lots you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere, which support community-based growers local to their regions.  


We are here to listen, push boundaries and experiment, we are here to evolve, we are here to learn and teach, we are Ground Rules Coffee.